Simple Primate in the Deke Lounge!

Simple Primate in the Deke Lounge!

Hey all! I’m a little late putting this up, but couldn’t be more excited about my recent visit as a guest on Deke McClelland and Colleen Wheeler’s excellent show Martini Hour. We spend the better part of an hour talking about Dreamweaver, Colleen’s aversion to moving to web design (come on in Colleen, the water’s fine!) and what it takes to move from print design to web design.

It’s amazing how fast an hour goes by when you’re having fun! Do yourself a favor, pour a tasty beverage, take your shoes off and head on over to the Deke Lounge

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  1. Skooni says:

    Hoping you will write a piece on Web Accessibility and include the importance of designing for the blind.

    I was on my way to becoming a primo web designer working as an intern in the web bull pen of my favorite organic marketing company when I got the call that my son had been hit by a gas truck. The accident left him legally blind and all of us far more cognizant of web limitations. It’s tough to be blind. Please remind new designers how easy and important it is to make the knowledge and experiences we take for granted available to everyone.

    My son uses JAWS, a reader program that is only as good as the people who designed a site. Far too many forget or just skip the second or two it takes to label. You can’t imagine the frustration he often feels.

    I’ve been learning Dreamweaver at your virtual knee and truly appreciate your excellent tutelage.

  2. jameswill says:

    Skooni, thanks so much! I’ll probably be doing something on Accessibility soon. It’s a subject I’ve become more passionate about the more I’ve learned web design. Many designers look at is as intrusive, but if you make it part of your overall workflow it takes no additional time to develop at all.

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