Mama, they took my Kodachrome away…

Mama, they took my Kodachrome away…

Kodak announced in June that they were ceasing production of Kodachrome, their oldest running line of color film. Kodachrome was first introduced in 1935 (seriously… 1935!!), and was the choice of professional photographers worldwide for decades. Although use by professionals has slipped due to the increase in more technically advanced film and the rise of digital photography, there were some photographers still using Kodachrome for the unique color and feel that it provides.

Stockpile what you can now, because when it’s gone, it’s gone. Of course, a couple of generations from now kids will be saying, “what’s film?”

You can check out a tribute to Kodachrome complete with slide show on Kodak’s site.

2 Responses to “Mama, they took my Kodachrome away…”

  1. JDavid Knepper says:

    Stockpile if you want, but only Kodak could process Kodachrome. When they stop processing it, you’re out of luck.

    Still, isn’t it wonderful to look at full-color pictures taken decades before we were born.

    Having worked as a cinema lab technician, I can tell you that Kodachrome was the only color film that didn’t shift color or fade with time. A truly wonderful product that should be missed.

  2. jameswill says:

    Indeed. I also think it’s funny now that many designers are trying hard to get the same color digitally now that Kodachrome gave us.

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